Ballet Mechanics

Ballerinas are some of the strongest athletes around. They are slim, long and lean but they are not to be underestimated when it comes to strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.9799821-beautiful-caucasian-tall-woman-ballet-dancer-halasana-shoulder-stand-yoga-pose-full-length-on-studio

Now you can enjoy the benefits of looking like a dancer without the rigorous hours of training how to do a pas de chat. (the dance movement that means “step of the cat”)

How is this possible?

The technology to this program is called “Ballet Mechanics” which is based on specific, low – impact, “Ballet Mechanics” movements that I designed to make you longer, stronger and it will give you great posture to give you the dancer’s look; as well as greatly improving your balance and flexibility which all results in energy boosts, improved mood, improved health conditions and weight management.

My Dance Body “Ballet Mechanics” is the answer to getting that dancers body that you want without having to learn how to dance.

Dancing has been a major part of my life and because I’m a trained dancer I’ve sculpted the dancer’s body look.  The exact same thing will be said of a gymnast, a 100 meter sprinter or a football player.  The type of exercise that you do will show on your body. And this will be true of anyone no matter what size you are.  What I mean is you can have a dancer who is 105 lbs or a dancer who is 145 lbs.  Train them both as a dancer and they both will have that dancer look.  It’s not about the poundage of a person it’s about the shape of their muscles.


  • My Dance Body “Ballet Mechanics” Head to Toe
  • My Dance Body “Ballet Mechanics” Booty Thigh and
  • My Dance Body “Ballet Mechanics” Core

You now can sculpt your dancer body without having to have trained for years. The key to this program is my specialized “Ballet Mechanics” movement and the key to your dance body without training how to do a pirouette, a grand jeté, or a pas de chat. The exercises have been carefully designed to allow you to do the “Ballet Mechanics” movement while freely doing the exercise without machines or props. All you will need is a mat and a bottle of water. No shoes required. You can use the back of a chair for balance if you need to however balancing on your own will make you recruit more muscle fibers and in turn burn more calories.

I created this program because as everything in time when you stop doing something it will fade. After I stopped dancing, I always stayed healthy and in shape but my body started to change and after my pregnancy my body was not in the best of shape. It was time to get back to my roots and I wanted to look like how I did when I was a full time dancer. There are a lot of popular dance DVD’s where you dance for fitness. But this type of dancing around although fun and a great way to burn calories will not get you the dancer body that you desire. The “Ballet Mechanics” movement will help you have great posture and whether you’re a male in a suit or a female in a dress posture is physical confidence.

Also in the My Dance Body series is My Dance Body “Ballet Mechanics” Cross Train. This program brings you 10 very different fat burning, body sculpting work out programs for men and women from beginner to advance all designed to grow lean healthy muscle, enhance power, agility and flexibility. The work books are all easy to follow with full explanations of each exercise, suggested repetitions, sets, resting times and easy recording of your progress.To compliment your dancer body it’s always best to follow a sound nutrition plan and My Dance Body “Ballet Mechanics” Nutrition has carefully designed menu plans that you can follow as well as substitutions for you to make your own plan.



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