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7day green smoothie cleanse

7day green smoothie cleanse

Hi there! 

So I just want to report on the cleanse.  Hubby stopped after day 3.  He lost 3 lbs that he doesn’t need to lose.  He had a lunch meeting and anyway he was just over it.  I mean its not hard to do but by the end you’re just bored.  I did it for 5 days.  

The night of day 3 I dreamed that I was eating a burger.  And during day 4 every time I opened the fridge I would eye the cheese.  I also researched on Google how does Kellogg’s chocolate Krave cereal taste? WTF!!?!! 

What is wrong with me!?!  I’m starting to obsess about food!  So on day 5 I had some oatmeal and a piece of toast with real butter! Yum!!

Today I still had my green smoothie for breakfast like normal and I just eat my wide variety of foods.  I lost 4 ounces by the way.

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