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All fat is not bad fat.  There’s essential fat that is required for normal functioning and it’s stored in your heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys etc.  However subcutaneous fat is the body fat that we all talk about when it comes to having too much or too little.  The body definitely needs subcutaneous fat to look healthy and sexy but how much of this fat is too much?

Let’s look at body fat percentage as being:

At Risk – you’re at risk for heart disease, hypertension and or diabetes

Moderate – the average person

Fit – you’re very athletic

Professional – you’re a stud

 What Body Fat percentage do you aspire to be?  Use Our Body Fat Calculator Here

Calories in Vs Calories out do matter; you must be in a caloric deficit in order for the body to lose weight. 

If you’re in a caloric deficit you will lose weight even if those calories come from junk food.   If you’re in a caloric surplus you will gain weight even if you’re eating 100% clean, natural organic and nutrient dense foods.

How many calories do you burn in a day?     Check Our Calorie Calculator

What are your goals?

My Dance Body Food Search offers free food nutrition data.  Sign in now and search all the foods you want to look up its nutrition facts.  You will also have full access to an in-depth, user-friendly workout log for all your workouts where your progress will be tracked automatically. 


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