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HRV and Me. My Individual Results

HRV and Me. My Individual Results

Sorry it took so long but I had to clear my monitor and give it to a client.  But I now have my results and they are quite interesting.

So on protein day I ate only protein and fat, I exercised on my treadmill on an incline of 12 an a speed of 2.5

I also did a quick My Dance Body leg workout (like two exercises).

I didn’t do much for the rest of the day except watch TV, talked on the phone, tended to my 17 month old and my husband, made dinner etc.  Pretty lazy day.

The next day consisted of a full carb day.    My carbs consisted of brown rice, veggies, oatmeal etc.  I did the same treadmill workout as I did before (without the leg workout) and the rest of my day was baby, tv, phone, etc.

OK.  I saw that when I ate my protein meals the test showed that I was in full recovery but when I ate my carb meals the test showed that I was stressed out and I stayed in a stressed out state for about an hour.

I also saw that when I worked out on the treadmill during my protein day my training effect was maintaining fitness and I burned 281 calories.  But when I did the exact same exercise during my carb day my training effect was light exercise only burning 197 calories.

However on that protein day

My stress reaction totaled 29% for that day (I was stressed for 7 hrs and 1 min)  My recovery  was 55% (recovered for 13 hrs and 13 min)                                        I burned 303 calories in total fitness for the day. (it factored my leg workout into it too)                                                                                                                   I burned 2 8 calories in leisure activity. (not much calories burnt while watching tv and gabbing on the phone)                                                                              and I burned 1261 calories just breathing

My total  calories burned for that day was 1592 calories


On my carb  day we know I was in stress mode while eating my carb meals, the exact same exercise was considered light training with only 197 calories burned,  Oh and my heart rate during the protein exercise was 143 where during the carb was 125.  I have to say I struggled a little bit doing the treadmill during carb day.

My totals for carb day

Stress reactions (16 hrs and 11 mins)   48% of my day                                                                            Recovery time (12 hrs 14 mins)    36% of my day (I know it doesn’t = 100 % b/c I’m leaving out some other %’s)                                   Physical activities calories burned = 197 calories                                                       Daily cals burned = 22 calories (again not much burned for tv and phone)       Calories burned for just breathing = 1855 calories

Brings my total for the carb day to 2074 calories burned.

During protein day I was only stressed for (7 hrs and 1 min) but carb day I was stressed for (16 hrs and 11 mins ).  And my recovery time for protein was (13 hrs and 13 mins) and for carb day it was (12 hrs and 14 mins)

I had better recovery during my protein day, I was way less stressed during my protein day and I had a much better training effect on my protein day.  I also wasn’t stressed out while eating my protein meals.

However, during my carb days I burned way more calories then my protein days.  I burned a total of 1592 calories during my protein days but I burned a total of 2074 calories during my carb days.

I would say for myself I’m at my best when I eat protein and carbs so that I can get the best benefits of each of them in combination.  Of course I’d want to experiment and do the test again eating both protein and carbs to test my theory.

The test also showed me that my sleep period was long enough and my recovery was good on both days.  It also said that I had relaxing activities before bedtime which promotes good recovery during sleep.  Also through out both of my days there were 2 -15 min periods with the best daytime recovery and that recovery during leisure time enhances your overall coping.  (So naturally I’m going to want to continue these things that I did for 15 mins throughout my day everyday to help my general overall being)

My husband wants me to note and stress that I was in a stressed out state while I was watching TV.  (He’s on a campaign for me to stop watching reality shows but it’s sort of a guilty pleasure).  Who would of thought that I would be in a stressed out state while watching?

But anyway I do need to up my daily physical activities clearly because I burned like 23 calories which is ridiculous I know.  But that was just those 2 days.  I do get more leisure activity then that.  Lol.







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