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HRV and Me. My Individual Tests and Results
Diet and Exercise are for Poor People

HRV and Me. My Individual Tests and Results

So I have written on the heart rate variability testing before and how it’s based on the science of your own body and how it can help you with weight loss, workouts and stress and recovery:

Manage Your Stress – The Key to your Weight Loss Success

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My clients have been seeing so much more improvement in there weight loss efforts as well as there performance at the gym, at work and in different marathons that some love to do for pleasure.  And in applying what they have learned they have also notice better sleeping patterns.

Well since I can’t share specific client results with you I can share my own results.   I want to do a series of experiments with myself using the HRV monitor.

I want to see how my body reacts to:

1) me only eating high protein and fat

2) me eating high carbs

3) me eating normally (all food groups)

4) me eating normally (all food groups) with alcohol

5) me eating like crap with alcohol

I will see:

1) how many calories I burn all day

2) plus during my workout

3) how well I exercise doing the same exercise at the same intensity for each experiment (the monitor will tell me)

4) along with how well I handle stress and recovery during the day and during sleep.

There are a host of other things the test can tell me but I will only focus on those things.

Stay tuned…..

Diet and Exercise are for Poor People

Why diet and exercise when you can either A) suck out the fat, contour or reshape it, remove excess cellulite / stretch marks or B) photo shop it.

Unlike regular shmo’s like you and me who have to work for it, people with cash to burn can do either A or B, what ever tickles their fancy.

I guess the moral of my story today (and I am very much a culprit) is that we can’t rent stock on gorgeous celebrities in magazines.  99.9% of the time they are nipped and tucked either by exhibit A or exhibit B.  We still love them though and it should be as much as we love our current body today.

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